A graduation seminar submitted to the Physics Department in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of B.Sc. in physics.

Electron Dynamics in Spatially Modulated Magnetic Field in 2DEG



Mohammad Sarraj

Hani Al-Hadad

Supervisor: Dr. Esmael Badran


Semiconductors are fabricated in many ways such as molecular beam epitaxy and others. Making two layers of  GaAs and AlXGa1-XAs on top of the other that create deference in the energy gaps because AlXGa1-XAs have greater Eg than GaAs. That cause the electrons to fail from AlGaAs to the plane between the two layers and goes in many circular trajectories correspond to the magnetic modulation.

The essential point in computational physics is not the use of machines, but the orderly application of numerical techniques in place of, and in addition to, analytical methods, in order to make accessible to computation as large a part of physical reality as possible.

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